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About Us

A) We are the only Strategic Driving Academy in India
B) We are the Best in the field of Combat Driving
C) We have great Experience in Combat Driving Instruction:
We have trained State Police, Nation al Secur ity Gua rds & Many army training Centers in this field of Expertise as Guest Trainers by invitation of DGs, Generals & Commandants.

Our Training Directors

Prof.  Dr.  Deepak Rao    

DSc (Military Sc, USA) PhD, MD, FRSH (UK), CLET (USA)   

Dr. Seema Rao



Guest Trainers / Consultants Indian Forces & Police in

Close Quarter Battle for Counter Terrorism Operations & Speccial Ops

Executive Director: Unarmed Commando Combat Academy, UCCA.

Internationally Certified Law Enforcement Trainer:  (US Professional Certification Board,ASLET, USA).

President, ITAC: International Tactical Authority Commitee.

Trained 15,000 personnel from Indian Forces & Police without compensation from 1994-2006

Received Chief of Army Staff Appreciation 2001, 2005

Director General Police Appreciation 2003

International Combat Hall of Fame (for contribution to Military tactical combat)

Authors: A Comprehensive Analysis of World Terrorism 2004.

Doctorate Military Science, USA for his work on Tactics 2004.

US Presidents Gold Award (for outstanding commitment to Volunteer Service)

Past Guest Speaker: National Police IPS Academy, Army Officers Training Academy & Commando Wing Belgaum.

We are the UCCA!
(We have reputation of training 15,000 soldiers from Indian Forces in Close Quarter Battle)

Our Directors


Dr. Komal
9820496752 (Mumbai)
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UCCA: Unarmed Commando Combat Academy