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Car Auto Motor Racing Rally VIP Protection Defensive Driving Training Mumbai India School Formula 1

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Welcome to The Only Academy in India! 


Welcome to our web site!

If you are a Car Driving Freak, you have arrived at the right destination!
We can train you in following Areas:
a) Car Racing Power Techniques 
b) Car Rally Manoevres
c) Defensive Driving for Security & VIP Protection
d) Combat Offensive Driving for Special Operations Forces
e) Any One who is interested in Speed, PoWer & Control

We are Counter Terrorism Training Professionals with a background of training Indian Forces in Close Quarter Battle.
We often teach Combat Driving techniques as part of our Courses to Indian Forces. These involve techniques of manoevreing, dominating, chasing, power & control over the vehicle as the commondos shoot at enemy.
We have taught Maharshtra Police Special Security Training School, Chief Ministers PSO's, Nation al Secur ity Guard, Gorkha Trg Center, Mumbai Police Anti Terror ism Sq uad QRT, Personal Security Commandos of Rahul Bajaj etc
Much of these driving skills can be utilized in civil sector to be used in rally, racing or simply in tripping on (Njoyin) Driving.
These would also be very useful to Professional Executive Protection Agents & Bodyguards in protecting their Client or VIP from Ambush, Assasins or Kidnappers.

If you are looking for a thrill in your life, approach us!

A) Age: 18 years
B) Driving License
C) Bring Own Car for Training
D) Sign a No Injury & No Accident Liability Bond
E) Vehicle Insurance
E) No Criminal Record.

You can e-mail us at:

Dr. Komal
9820496752 (Mumbai)
E Mail us

UCCA: Unarmed Commando Combat Academy